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At the Centro Auto Roma srl the garage has been operational since 1984 and is located in the immediate vicinity of via Prenestina, Piazzale Prenestino, and a stone’s throw from the pedestrian area of Pigneto, a meeting point for nightlife.


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Furthermore, in the same area, for information purposes, in 2003 the hideout of the Red Brigades was identified in which the assassination of Massimo D’Antona was planned. In the area and therefore in the immediate vicinity also the Cinema ” L’Aquila ” with a property confiscated from the Banda della Magliana. Also in the area, at a historical level, 2 buildings were destroyed following the “ Bombardment of San Lorenzo ” at the hands of the Allies on 19 July 1943.


Near the Rome Auto Center there is also this beautiful Sacred Aedicule and specifically Via Prenestina at the corner with Via Raimondo Montecuccoli, in the Tiburtino district, and represents the Madonna of Divine Love with the Child and in front it bears a metallic inscription “Ave Maria” .

It was donated in 1944 by Roman citizens as a wish for salvation from Allied bombing.

But in addition to this sacred shrine near the Centro Auto Roma there is also the famous Torrione Prenestino, a tumulus type tomb dating back to the last quarter of the 1st century BC.



connections in the area: Metro line C, Tram stop 14 at 300 meters and at 100 meters tram stop N. 5

At Centro Auto Roma srl, safe and convenient parking for all needs, these are the services:

24h internal and external video surveillance; insured for damage, theft and fire. Qualified Italian staff.

Garage hours:

from Monday to Saturday 06.00-01.00,

Sunday and holidays 06.00-10.00 and 19.00 – 01.00 (winter) / 20.00-01.00 (summer).

Monthly rates: starting from € 90.00 – nightly from € 10.00

Hourly parking: from € 2.00


Pagamento: credit cards   cash,  cbank transfer


Car wash carried out by hand with ecological products of the ” Mafra ” world leader in the sector, starting from € 10.00.
Upholstery cleaning + sanitation starting from € 80.00.










                             Upholstery cleaning

In the vicinity of the Centro Auto Roma srl there are well-known personalities such as the actor and director Michele Riondino, Elisabetta Trenta (former Minister of Defense) but also the great late singer-songwriter Lucio Battisti but also Diana Blefari Melazzi who was a known terrorist of the Red Brigades also deceased.

Jo Amodio, an Italian-American director who lives right near the Centro Auto Roma, also stands out. It should also be mentioned at a historical level Assunto Orienti who was a partisan belonging to the “ Garibaldi Brigades ” which met clandestinely right in the vicinity where the Rome Auto Center is located.


There are many cinematographic works that have been shot in via Raimondo Montecuccoli:

“Roma Città Aperta” with Anna Magnani and Aldo Fabrizi in 1945



”’ Il Professore ” with Alessandro Gassman and Claudia Pandolfi in 2021,



”Il Ferroviere’ with Pietro Germi and Sylva Koscina in 1953,



”’Un Borghese Piccolo Piccolo’ with Alberto Sordi in 1977,




”Bangla ” with Pietro Sermonti in 2019



“Experimental n.01”  di Stefano Volante in 2013

(a well-known short film that in fact evokes and celebrates the central scene of Roma Città Aperta by Roberto Rossellini, shot precisely in via Raimondo Montecuccoli)


“Rai Italia – Italy with you”, a documentary of great interest produced in 2020

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